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Septic Tank Pumping

San Bernardino County Department of Public Health recommends that you, "have your [septic] tank pumped every 2 - 4 years."

Pumping your tank every two to four years...

  1. keeps the solid waste inside the tank to a minimum, reducing the possibility of any sludge reaching the absorption area and causing system failure. 

  2. provides the longest possible lifespan of the septic system, as the tank is inspected and evaluated while pumping. 

  3. avoids costly future repairs, including restoration or relocation of the absorption area.

Alpha Omega Septic Service trucks carry 200 feet of hose to reach tanks, though additional hose is available if needed. It is our standard procedure to clean and rinse* both compartments of the tank, as we practice environmentally safe work habits. The homeowner is informed of any concern regarding the septic tank condition, safety problems, and potential future issues to be aware of.

What Does Septic Tank Pumping Include?

  1. Locate septic tank by way of probing.
  2. Expose both the solid and liquid compartment lids of the septic tank by way of hand digging. Pump contents of both the solid and liquid compartments and rinse* with water.
  3. Inspect the condition of the septic tank walls, floor, top, and lids for deterioration and ensure that both solid and liquid baffles are in place.
  4. Place the lids back on the septic tank and backfill holes.

* In order to rinse the tank, water must be available within 50 feet of the work area.

For more information please visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency's SepticSmart website: ]